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You’re a solopreneur, a thought leader, an expert in your field, or small business that has reached a point of success and you’re ready to scale.

You realize you need help or your ideas are going to just live in your head and never get online. Maybe you even need someone to manage you!

You’re tired of making all the decisions alone and wish you had someone with experience to bounce ideas off of, give you advice, come up with strategy, support you and do work FOR you even better than you could.



The virtual business partner you wish you had!

Support from every angle: consulting on strategy, marketing & mindset + execution of copy, design & systems that work to make sales.

Smart, efficient, super organized, intuitive & creative = ready to make your projects happen.

Spent 10 years as a right hand to small business owners, followed by 10 years in the online business entrepreneur space working on launches, sites, and bringing ideas to life.

Together, we make your vision come to life!

I’ve got your back with …

Web Design & Copywriting


Sales Pages, Full Websites, Landing Pages, Opt-in & Sales Funnels. 

You need stunning pages that walk your customer through knowing you, liking you, trusting you, and realizing they need you and your services right away! This is a step you do not want to half-ass on your own. Relating to your customer and helping them make an important decision is the most important piece of the puzzle. My specialty is digging deep and conveying the essence of your business even better than you!

I’ll do this for you in WordPress (I recommend Divi* theme & Siteground* hosting), Kajabi*, Leadpages, ClickFunnels, Ontraport, Wix*, Shopify*, Simplero or Squarespace.

Intuitive Strategy & Consulting

Your Messaging & Your Marketing, Platforms, Mindset, Overall Support 

You don’t want to do this alone, you’ve got questions! Like: Which platform is best for me? How do I price this? What can I expect from my launch? How do I market this? What if this or that happens? 

I’ve got your answers and I’ve got your back. My specialty is helping you to understand what is best for YOU and YOUR business, help you formulate your ideas in a way that’s aligned with you and give you expert feedback. I’ll also teach you skills like how to do sales calls, consult on social media like Facebook ads, & will show you how to use your systems. 

I am up to date with knowledge of the most popular online platforms.

OBM Services

Manage Your Business, Your Launches, Your Systems & Your Team So You Can Focus on Creating Your Content & Programs

I’ll help you streamline your business with the right team and technology and have it set up to make your life easier. I’ll create your strategy, manage your launches, organize check off your to-do lists, and help develop your team members to work for you seamlessly.

Plus I can keep your website fresh and create sales pages and membership sites as needed. 

Membership/course & email marketing platforms I work with: Kajabi*, WP with Wishlist Member or Access Ally, Simplero, Active Campaign*, Ontraport, Infusionsoft, Mailchimp, ClickFunnels

Portfolio Samples

From Old School Site to Fresh & Vibey!

Colleen Vanderzyden’s new site takes you into her world and guides you through her services.



From Impersonal Brochure Site to High End Service Site. 

Total Custom Cleaning now shows off their work and targets their ideal customers.



From ‘Doctor Who Wrote a Book’ to ‘Alive Woman Who Heals’. 

Kim D’Eramo D.O. now expresses her true conscious medicine work in the world.



From Confusing Text to Clear, Gorgeous & Easy To Navigate.

The iACTcenter truly shines as a unique virtual learning environment.



From DIY Massage Site to Inviting Wellness Center.

Healing Hearts new site showcases their expanded services & serene space.




I’m Laura Allahverdi and I slay all day.

My background is in psychology, marketing & business. As an intuitive coach, I can see beneath the surface as well as really feel into things when we work together to bring out the best version of your creation. I can tell when you’re in alignment with your brand and offerings and when you’re not I’ll help you tweak until it clicks.

My talents include creating designs that wow, copy writing that communicates your messages and converts to leads & sales. 

I’ve been in the online business world for over 10 years. I keep up with trends, study new material and learn new technology. I love making things come to life, and making them work in the most efficient way. Problem solving is my speciality.

Prior to my own online businesses, I served as the right hand to the owners of a Marketing Agency. I wore many hats in the company and managed over 400 clients, venues and employees as we directly marketed wines and spirits to restaurants, bars and liquor stores.

I work remotely from New York (Long Island). When I’m not behind the computer building your brand, you can probably find me at the beach thinking about new ideas for your business.


I work very collaboratively with you, like the business partner you wish you had.


You’re really passionate about what you do & you are committed to your work.

You kinda know or totally know what you’re doing (what you sell & to whom) and you’ve made some money with your business,

Your ideas are piling up and you wish you found me yesterday.

You love suggestions, expert feedback and are totally into the straight-forward tell-it-like-it-is approach.


Not so much

You work on your business here and there; it’s more like a hobby, and not really sure what you’re selling or who you are selling it to.

You are not open for suggestions & need everything sugar coated.

You haven’t made any money in your business or don’t have the money to invest in it, or  you desperately “NEED” this to work or else _____fill in the blank___.

(If this IS YOU, I don’t recommend hiring help for projects. What I CAN DO  for you at this stage is a strategy session to teach you how to bring in $ without all the bells & whistles – you can purchase an hour session for $499)


Let’s Get Started

*Currently taking quote based projects, Website/Salespage Copywriting & Design and Strategy/Consulting Projects
And am available to take on 1 more client for OBM services 

Send me a message and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours. (

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Are you ready to get to work now?

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 from my cherished clients

Love & Hugs from Renee Tucker DVM, Creator of the Tucker BioKinetic Tequnique for Equine Healing.

She is worth every penny!

We cannot say enough about the professionalism of working with Laura. We have never seen a process go so seamless. I’d recommend Laura to anybody looking to create a new website or who may need marketing advice. She is worth every penny that she charges. We could have never done this without her!”

Cynthia Sansone
New York | President

“The site looks incredible. Was one of the best professional experiences I’ve had. I learned so much from you about marketing and now I can control the site and my business on my own. So grateful to you and your supreme talent and savvy. We could not have done it (this well) without you! 

Karla Waldron 
New York | Vice President

“You are worth every DOLLA!!!!!”

Oh Laura, You make me LAUGH OUT LOUD FOR REALS! You are just perfect in your directness.

You are FANTASTIC in your direct delivery of what my EARS and BRAIN need to hear and get.

Plus, you are making me SEE what I need each time you give me input.

SO MANY EFFIN moving parts to this thing it’s easy to get lost in the details and forget BIG PICTURE stuff.

THANK YOU for your help, it made all the difference!”

Heidi Falkenstein
East Coast | Founder of

 “She is the whole package!”

One of the most important marketing tools I have is my website. Before working with Laura, I was beginning to wonder if there was anyone who could deliver a website for an experienced entrepreneur.
With Laura, the process was seamless. She is the whole package. Laura has great design skills, understands the up to date and ever changing technology tools and is a talented copy writer. She is upfront, and unafraid to offer suggestions if she thinks it will improve the design, and functionality of my website.
Within the first month of launching my new website I met a goal of filling my online training program! I continue to get raving feedback from visitors to the site. What they notice is the awesome design, easy access to answers and not needing to wade through pages of unnecessary copy.
What I know is that the site is the result of talent and knowledge from a great web developer. If you want a website that takes your business to the next level, one you are proud of, converts visitors to customers and is completed on time, I highly recommend Laura Allahverdi.

Laurie Dupar
West Coast | Nurse Practitioner | Director of the International ADHD Coaching Training Center

 “Her perfect combination of honesty, vision, and integrity brought my true voice, experience and expertise to life on a website!”

Hiring Laura was the best decision I could have made for my business in 2020.

Her perfect combination of honesty, vision, and integrity brought my true voice, experience and expertise to life on a website. Her design was spot on and the turn around time was incredible. We got so much done, so fast!

For 13 years I was afraid of marketing and Laura not only made the process of branding my company easy, but also fun and rewarding. She is worth every penny.

Laura, I cannot thank you enough for your commitment to your clients. I feel special and very well taken care of by you. I will be forever grateful for our work together.”


Rebeccah Silence
Colorado | Owner

Laura is fun, talented, easy to work with and has exceptional ability to translate brands into digital launching pads.”

Trip Hawkins
California | C-Suite Coach, Speaker & Founder of EA |


“She captured the essence of business and said it better than I could. We get SO many compliments on our site.

Laura gave my business a fresh new brand and 2 revamped websites. I couldn’t believe how fast she got it done!

She asked me all the right questions and I was beyond pleased with the amazing look and feel of the final site. I especially loved that the copy writing reflected everything I told her about my business. Her words painted the picture of what I wanted to convey to our potential customers.

She even taught my team to make edits and updates and gave us back the control we really needed! ”

Rob Colon
Ft. Lauderdale, FL & NY | Owner

“Our first call together gave me so much clarity and I made $10,000 within a week

from launching the course AND I’ll probably make hundreds of thousands of dollars off that course over the coming years. All from ONE call.
On our second call think how much time, effort (aka opportunity cost= $$$) you saved me by avoiding a certain situation.
AND you can help people implement (on many levels like strategy, tech and energy)!


Megan Meyers
California | Creator of & Author of the Princess Ballerinas Book Series

“With a storyteller’s eye and a copywriter’s tongue, you made my web presence come alive!

I love my website! Laura, you are an artist and my secret weapon.

You not only brought out the best in me, you made the whole process easy, effective, and fast!

I can’t believe we got my site up in 2 weeks!

Thank you for continuing to be part of my team! I find your insights and guidance invaluable.“


Christine Jeffrey
California | Certified High Performance Coach and owner of

“With her on my team, we’re operating at light speed and I’ve been able to implement, create, and receive as never before.

As a highly intuitive online creator, she knows the magic that happens when an entrepreneur is truly aligned, and knows how to help you create that alignment. From awareness, she is able to tune into what will create the most for a client, beyond conclusions and conventional perspectives of how to create a business.

After searching for years to find an online business manager who operates from the heart without buying into limitations and conventional business practices, Laura has been a massive asset in my business.”


Kim D’Eramo DO
Colorado | The American Institute of Mindbody Medicine |

“I knew I needed this help, but had no idea where to get it.

I have had so many fails with hiring people to help me; actually only fails before Laura.

Working with Laura, I can be myself, and feel totally comfortable like she is one of my long lost Soul Sisters, and have learned she has a real gift of Intuition, which is a big part of how I work as well. Laura’s valuable support and patience helping me learn new ways to promote & communicate to my audience, has been one of the most significant things we have done together. I appreciate that she pushes me to do new things.

Laura is to the point, efficient, intuitive, fast. We get each other and don’t take it personally if we are direct. I can move a lot faster with her managing things that my brain simply is not designed for. I love the team work  and Laura’s ability to strategize. I love having someone tell me what to do rather than me managing absolutely everything in my biz.

Laura is such a blessing in my world as a friend, guide, ally, team support, sister … our time together in less than a year, has been a game changer! Grateful & excited for more!”

Tenley Wallace | Oregon | Creator of

“I first signed up on blind faith …scary to sign up with someone you don’t know.

Laura has been AMAZING. Best blind faith move I’ve ever made 🙂 Super smart, efficient, easy to work with, super patient with me, and has a beautiful spirit.

She helped me get unstuck. …and see the bigger picture of sales. Laura keeps gently pushing me forward. Her emails have been a catalyst to sales. She’s super efficient. And she built a beautiful professional online program for my students so I won’t have to travel as much now!”

Shawna Martin Burns
Arkansas | Mental Health Therapist | Creator of &

“I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and I’ve been so stuck, mainly because I needed someone just like you. I’m really, really happy with everything you did for me!


Just a quick a note to say thank you!
I am so pleased with everything you’ve done and I’m so happy you found me (ha!). Seriously, I kind of feel like you were an angel that dropped in at the 11th hour, when I absolutely needed you! Everything from telling me to not work last Friday and go play. And then your incredible, fast work on Monday. Everything. I am so grateful.
Yesterday after you told me to “just launch” I sent the page to a couple friends (four) who had read my word document copy (before you thankfully sliced and diced it) and these friends told me they liked it, but after I sent them the sales page one friend (who is always so encouraging) called and was beside herself with how much she loved the sales page. She was supporting me as a friend but said she didn’t expect it to be this good! Which of course was all the work you did 🙂
Another woman wrote:
“Reading through your sales page was great inspiration for me, as I am going to be working on mine today! I am not an expert in sales pages in any way, but I can tell you that your page made me want to join your membership site even though I am not part of your target audience!”
Again, thank you. I feel like I can’t thank you enough. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and I’ve been so stuck, mainly because I needed someone just like you. I’m really, really happy with everything you did for me. Thank you!”

Jolene Park | 
Colorado | President & Founder of

“Gets the job done in the most efficient way. Super fast and doesn’t f*** around.

I’ve been able to complete the edits of my book and self publish, and I launched my Mystery School and the Conscious Camping Quest! Laura totally helped me rebound after a HUGE loss. She rebuilt my entire website after I felt so depressed and stuck with what happened with my last web developer. She’s been able to work the way I work and play off my strengths and fill in my weaknesses, which was a Godsend!

I love her positive attitude, how she is able to take my big ideas and break them down into simple steps/tasks. And she does it really, really fast! I LOVE that she was able to streamline my online storefront and payment gateways. She is fast with tech (like me) and doesn’t wait around. She’s super focused and provides dedicated support.

I LOVE that Laura checks in with me. I feel she truly cares about my success. She celebrates my wins with me and pushes me forward (rather than hold me back). I feel like I’ve been able to trust again after such a huge, painful experience before meeting Laura.”

Amelía Aeon Karris
Mount Shasta, CA | Owner & Creator of | Author of Synchronicity

“Laura, you made my life so much easier and less stressful – thank you!

If I had a hesitation it would be ‘can this girl work fast enough and understand what I want?’ But both hesitations were quickly put to rest 😉

My sales page is on point and converting well, and the members of my course are loving the membership site she created! So far I’m at a $10K launch and I still have 6 days of cart open.

She communicated so well, worked so fast, and was so easy to get along with! I would recommend Laura  to any entrepreneur who needs great support in their online business, especially around launching. She is proactive, adds so much value, comes up with great ideas, is able to work quickly and take direction well but also able to suggest new ideas which is super helpful!”

Hayley Tapper
Bali | Success Mindset Coach and Online Business Strategist at

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